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Holiday Gift Guide for Couples

Holiday Gift Guide for Couples

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Looking for the perfect gift for that special couple in your life? Check out my holiday gift guide for couples that includes some unique and fun ideas!

It’s that time of year again! The Christmas season is finally upon us. There’s so much to do, parties to attend, people to see, and lots of gifts to buy. I don’t know about you, but for me, gift giving can be stressful and chaotic at times. I love buying things for my family and friends and seeing their eyes light up when they get something they asked for, but at the same time it can put a huge financial strain on our family. Being full time college students, our budget isn’t what it used to be and sometimes it’s hard to buy presents for every single person individually.

So I got to thinking, why don’t I just give couple gifts instead of individual gifts? That way it would save us money in the long run and I could give the couples in my life a way to connect with each other. My husband and I have similar taste in what we want for gifts, so this wouldn’t be a problem for us. BUT I know some couples are polar opposites and don’t like any of the same things! To help you out, here are a few tips I use when figuring out what a couple likes when it comes to Christmas gifts:

• Pay attention to what kind of things they do together - do they go to movies? Museums? Adventure? Love cooking? Love home decorating? If you know them well this shouldn’t be a problem, but if you don’t, that brings me to my next point...

• Pay attention to their social media - I’m never a proponent of stalking, but a little thorough peeking never hurt 😉 People tend to highlight their fun times on social media (especially women), so check their profiles for things they are interested in and things they have done together. 

• If all else fails, ask them! If you really don’t know what they like to do together, just ask! Then it will be easier for you to know what to get them.

Once you know their likes and dislikes, you can come up with amazing gifts for the couples in your life. Here are a few of my favorite ideas:

DIY date boxes

I think this is one of my favorite gifts on this list. My husband and I would love to be given this for Christmas! For these DIY date boxes, you would take a pretty box or basket and fill it with items needed for a fun date night! These baskets/boxes can have themes to make it fun and unique for every couple. Some ideas include a breakfast in bed date (fill the box/basket with homemade or store bought baking mixes, nice mixing bowls, tea mixes, hot chocolate mix, jellies and jams, etc.), a Christmas movie date (movie, fuzzy socks, hot chocolate mix, Christmas cookies/mix, Christmas blanket, etc), or a spa date (lotions, bath bombs/salts, robes, CD or iTunes gift card, etc).

Personalized home decor

My husband and I are always down for home decor! Especially if it’s personalized (okay that’s more my thing, but he still likes it!) We love signs that we can hang up in our bedroom or living room like the ones below (click the photos to shop!). We are also huge throw pillow fans. We got some burlap pillows that say “Mr.” and “Mrs.” on them when we got engaged and we have used them ever since we got married. I love them! Shop them here. Other good home decor gifts would be personalized wreaths and blankets.

 Photo from Country Pallets

Photo from Country Pallets

 Photo from  MRC Wood Products

Personalized ornament

Ever since my husband and I were dating, my mom has gotten us a couple’s ornament every year for our tree. These are so special because they give us ornaments to put on our tree each year that are our own (because we all know how bare our Christmas tree looks our first year married because of the lack of ornaments we’ve accumulated!). Check out these ornaments that we love.

 Photo from  Andaz Press

Photo from Andaz Press

 Photo from  Dayspring

Photo from Dayspring

Concert/show tickets

This is a fun way for the couple to try something new! Is there a band or artist that the couple loves? How about a Broadway show they have been eyeing? Groupon most times has some great deals on local show/concert tickets!

Attraction tickets

This is another great way to give the couple something new to try! If they are sporty, try white water rafting or canoeing tickets. If they like amusement parks, get tickets to Six Flags. Like I said before, use Groupon to snag deals on this stuff!

Dinner and movie gift cards

This is a really simple and easy gift, but it’s also a great way to let the couple add some customization. Give them a night away from the kids and let them go on an “old school date” like they did back in high school! Get one here.

Mini getaway

Who doesn’t love a good getaway?! I would absolutely love this gift. In order to get this gift inexpensively, Groupon Groupon Groupon! I’m telling you, they have some amazing deals for weekend resort stays that you don’t want to miss, especially during the holidays. If you can’t afford to pay for the hotel, get them a gas card. Even if they choose not to go on the trip, they still have free gas!

Marriage or Husband/Wife devotionals

My husband and I are always looking for good devotionals to read. As a couple, we have read The Love Dare and we LOVED it. Each day they give you a short and powerful devotional and end with a challenge for you to do with your spouse that strengthens your marriage. If you are looking for a good wives-only devotional, check out my own e-book devotional Becoming One! This is a 30 day devotional packed with practical tips and advice on how to overcome problems in your marriage in the areas of finance, sex, communication and so much more. Each day ends with a challenge to help you grow in your role as a wife! If you are looking for a great devotional for husbands, Husband After God is really good!


Do you buy gifts mainly for couples or individuals? What is your favorite couple's gift?


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