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3 Tips for Buying Christmas Gifts on a Budget

3 Tips for Buying Christmas Gifts on a Budget

*It's that time of year again! Christmas shopping is coming and we need to be prepared! We all want to find ways to save money on Christmas gifts. So today, I'd like to welcome Tiffany from The Crazy Shopping Cart who is giving us three amazing tips on how to buy Christmas gifts on a budget!*


I have a secret….

I love spending money.

I love buying things.  I love having new things.  I love packages coming in the mail.

But more than loving buying things, I love buying them for other people.  I get so excited when I find the perfect thing for someone.  Although the problem with this is that I want to give them their gift right away.  The wait for their big day feels longer for me than anyone else!

My secret wouldn’t be as big of a deal if it weren’t for the fact that I’m not also secretly a millionaire.  If my husband’s salary were perhaps triple of what he makes, then I could shop to my heart’s content!  Like many of you, however, we do not have unlimited resources at our disposal.

Note: if you are one of the lucky few that DOES have an endless supply of money, please stop reading this post and go shopping!

This unfortunate dichotomy (which is a fancy word for “two opposite ideas”) means that I have to get creative if I want to continue indulging myself without my husband taking away my credit cards! 

Let me share with you a few tricks I’ve learned over the years that allow me to stretch my resources without breaking the bank.

Set Up a Gift Closet

If you’re anything like my husband, then sometimes special days have a funny way of sneaking up on you.  (Of course, that would have absolutely nothing to do with your six-year-old darling angel giving you his classmate’s birthday party invitation the morning of!) Or, if you’re anything like me, you notice toys and gifts all year long that you want to purchase but decide to wait until the holidays are closer (which always results in said gift now costing double the price).

This is where a gift closet comes in handy! As I go through each day, I keep an eye out for sales on items that I know my family members would love.  When something does go on sale, I purchase it right then (who cares if Christmas is five months away?) and stick it on a shelf away from sticky little hands. This ensures that when the holidays come up, I’m not desperately scrambling on December 24th to find a Hatchimal somewhere within a 500 mile radius!

The gift closet also works perfectly when you find an amazing sale/clearance item that you know your kids will never use, but you want to buy it just to say you got 90% off!  (This happens quite frequently in my Facebook group.) Just stick it in the gift closet and pull it out next time you need a present for a last-minute birthday party!  (Or the embarrassing moment when someone gives you a Christmas gift and you forgot to get them something.)

Having a gift closet ends up saving me several hundred dollars each year by never paying full-price on gifts for birthdays and holidays!

Get Free Gift Cards

Using free gift cards is one of my favorite ways to pay for my shopping {addiction} habit (It’s not an addiction! I could stop any time I wanted!). In fact, this year for Christmas, my husband and I have earned over $1,000 in free gift cards that we plan on using at Target, Walmart, etc. to pay for our holiday season!

Getting free gift cards is really not too difficult, and it requires very little effort on your part.  GO HERE to see my list of all of the different methods we used to make this Christmas completely debt-free without going broke!

Learn How to Coupon

The last (and probably most important) way to have more money for shopping is to cut grocery costs with coupons! The average American household spends $301 per month on groceries, plus an additional $182 on eating out! That’s almost $500 per month, or $6,000 each year! Just imagine how much fun you could have at the mall with all of that money!

Now, I know what you all are thinking: that couponing takes too much time between clipping the Sunday papers, finding the deals in the sales ads, and going to the grocery store. And you’d be right – IF we lived 25 years ago before a beautiful little thing called the internet was invented!

Nowadays, couponing consists of printing coupons from the internet, following deals websites that have already gone through the ads and matched sale prices with coupons, and zipping in and out of the grocery store (although you could always do grocery pickup from stores like Walmart and Kroger)!

I started using coupons about two years ago when a friend of mine got me hooked by showing me her receipt with 95% off her groceries! Now, I can’t say that I save that much every time I shop, but I usually get at least 70% off each week.

To help you learn how to coupon (so you can spend the money on fun things, instead), I’ve put together a FREE ebook entitled “A Beginner’s Guide to Couponing.”  It will walk you through step-by-step on how to coupon, and it’s specifically designed for people who want to save but do NOT have time to be an extreme couponer.  Just subscribe here to my website and it will be emailed to you! 


Do you have special ways to save money on Christmas gifts? We'd love to hear about them in the comments!

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Tiffany is a former math teacher and SAHM who loves finding good deals!  She and her husband, who is an engineer, work together on The Crazy Shopping Cart.  They enjoy spending time with their family, geeking out over sci-fi together, and saving money.

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