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Halloween Date Night Ideas

Halloween Date Night Ideas

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Are you looking for some unique Halloween date nights for you and your hubby to enjoy? Be prepared to be spooked, because I've got a whole bunch for you!

We LOVE when the weather turns cooler and the leaves start falling at our house! That means fall is here, and with it comes Halloween!

For the past few years, my hubby and I have been hermits on Halloween night. We shut off all the house lights to hide from all the trick-or-treaters, pop some popcorn in the microwave and sit down to watch a movie together. It’s a relaxing way to spend the evening, but it doesn’t really get us in the Halloween spirit. Usually, I’m not interested in watching ghost movies, hearing scary stories, or even eating candy for that matter, but there is something about Halloween that makes you want to do all those things!

This year, I want to try to be more festive and up my game a little. I’ve come up with 14 of the best, unique Halloween date night ideas for you and your hubby to try along with us! These are easy, cheap, quick to pull together, and so FUN and FESTIVE! I also made sure these were family friendly in case you wanted to bring the kids along or you couldn’t find a sitter.


So without further ado, here are 14 unique Halloween date ideas I'd like to try this year.

1. Put on a costume and go trick or treating at a festival or church event - with or without the kids!

You remember how fun it was to pick out a costume and go candy hunting when you were a kid? Bring back that fun and go with your spouse! Need some costume ideas that you can make yourself? Check these out!

2. Have a Hocus Pocus themed dinner and watch the movie

I'm pretty sure by now EVERYONE has seen Hocus Pocus. If you haven't, you are missing out big time! Not a Halloween goes by that we don't watch this movie (we also have been known to watch it in the middle of July, don't judge). You can buy the movie here. The Dating Divas also have an adorable printable package for your Hocus Pocus Dinner and a Movie! Go check it out and snag the free printables!

3. Have a Halloween bake off

This one is my favorite. See which one of you can make the scariest looking food, or have a cookie decorating contest! Check out these Peanut Butter Spider Cookies, Cauldron Cupcakes, or if you're in a cookie mood, 31 Halloween Cookies.

4. Host a haunted bonfire

Invite some friends over or do it with just the two of you! Grab some of your favorite candy (candy corn or smores anyone?), light a fire, and grab a book of your favorite ghost stories or even make up your own and have a competition of who's story can be the spookiest. This is so simple but is so fun and can get you in the Halloween spirit fast!

5. Go on a haunted hayride

A lot of local farms offer this every year where I'm from! You pack up on a trailer filled with hay, drive through the woods, and people dressed in freaky costumes (think man with a chainsaw) come running out at different times. Sometimes they even jump on the trailer!

6. Decorate pumpkins or make jack-o-lanterns

This used to be a family tradition when I was growing up, but I haven't done it in years! These make great decor for your home!

7. Load blankets in a trunk bed, grab the laptop, and drive to a secluded place to watch a scary or Halloween-themed movie

This is something I've wanted to try for years, but I never have a clean truck bed! Haha. A few of my favorites are Halloweentown High (all of the Halloweentowns are great!), Boo! A Madea Halloween, Goosebumps, The Haunted Mansion, and of course Beetlejuice!

8. Have a Halloween themed breakfast

Get your day started off spooky with some Halloween treats for breakfast! Spider web pancakes anyone? Here are 10 Halloween breakfast ideas you need to try! Need some cute printables to go along with it? The Dating Divas have the perfect thing. Check it out here.

9. Whip up a special Halloween drink

Need some ideas? Here's 18 Non-Alcoholic Fall Drinks. I'm definitely trying the Apple Cider Float!

10. Do a Halloween or fall-themed craft together

Need new fall home decor? Here’s a great way to make it unique! This is a fun thing to do with your man if he’s the crafty type. Check out my DIY Pumpkin Patch Canvases that my husband and I hand painted. Here's a list of 28 DIY Fall Crafts that I'd like to try as well!

11. Pick out an adorable costume for your dog to wear and take some pictures!

This is something I have wanted to do for a while, but unfortunately my fur baby HATES clothes. This would be super cute to do if your fur baby doesn't mind it though!

12. Take some family Halloween photos!

While you’ve got the pooch all dressed up, have the whole family put their costumes on and take some photos! Grab the tripod and get silly with it. You can do them with your iPhone, or invest in a professional camera and do it yourself. I completely recommend getting a DSLR camera if you want to take your own professional looking family photos or even just take better every day photos. The DSLR I have is the Cannon EOS Rebel T5 and I LOVE it! I can't recommend it enough! It's so easy to use and the pictures it takes are stunning. I rarely have to do any editing. Here is a bundle that includes lenses, a memory card, a UV filter kit, AND a tripod. This is a HUGE deal!

13. Get outside and play some Halloween themed games!

This sounds so fun! Pumpkin ring toss anyone? Use glow sticks to ring the pumpkin! Halloween Minute to Win It Games would also be fun!

14. Head to bath and body works and shop for new fall scents and soaps!

This has to be my husbands all time favorite thing to do when fall rolls around. We are OBSESSED with bath and body works’ fall line and make it a date every year to go (we end up going wayyyy before Halloween though!). Get some new candles and go home to take a bubble bath or relax in bed!


So there you have it! 14 dates for you and your hubby to enjoy this Halloween and the years to come. 


Do you celebrate Halloween? What’s your favorite way to spend it?

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