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6 Tips for Maximizing Time With a Spouse in College

6 Tips for Maximizing Time With a Spouse in College

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Are you or your spouse in college? It can be tough trying to make time for each other in the midst of all those classes and studying, but it's not impossible. Check out my tips for maximizing your time with each other!


My husband and I just recently started our first year of college. Just in our first semester, we have realized that being a married couple in college is NOT easy! Our time together went from every waking moment to very limited. Trying to keep up with work, school, a home, and marriage can be exhausting!

It is so easy to get sidetracked and ignore your spouse considering all the studying and working you have to do when you become a student. There are times my husband and I will feel like we have been working and studying for days and weeks at a time, and then we realize we haven’t made time for our marriage. That is dangerous territory you are playing in, and can result in an unfulfilling and unsatisfying marriage that will soon cause major problems between the two of you. Your education is important, but your marriage is also important. 


How can you make sure you have time with your spouse while also getting good grades? Here's our tips:

Make the most of your evenings/weekends

Cook dinner together, help each other study, or spend 30 minutes to an hour (or however much time you have to relax) just the two of you. Set aside a certain amount of time where there is no studying and no working; it's just the two of you.


Don't waste your time mindlessly scrolling through Facebook or watching TV.

My husband and I (especially me) are so guilty of this sometimes, especially when it comes to our phones. We will sit in bed scrolling through Facebook and before we know it we have sat there for an hour and completely wasted our time together. We are trying to get better at this by putting our phones away and turning the TV off as soon as we start "our time".


Get creative

Sometimes it's hard to figure out fun things to do together when we do get time to ourselves. The normal "sitting on the couch and eating dinner" thing gets really monotonous after a while. Steven and I have been trying to come up with some ways to be creative and think of some fun, out of the ordinary things to do together. Be on the lookout for some out of the ordinary date ideas to be featured on Ways of the Weavers soon!


Eat lunch together every day you can

This is such a small, but wonderful way to spend time with your spouse in the busiest of days. If your schedule allows, meet your spouse for lunch every single day. My husband and I do this and I can't tell you how much of a pick-me-up it is to see his face and connect with him just for an hour. It truly helps me get through the rest of the day!


Have a study date

Schedule just won't budge enough to have time together without work or school? No problem. Have a study date! I can't tell you how many times Steven and I have done this just in this semester alone. To make it fun, think of little games you can play as you help each other study (think trivia, minute to answer as many questions as you can, memorization games, etc). Make it a fun challenge!


Go to bed together

This one is SO important for us. I honestly don't see how married couples DONT do this! I can't go to sleep without my hubby next to me! Not only that, but it gives us time to wind down together and get some cuddles in before having to actually go to sleep.


If you're a married student, what are some ways that you prioritize your spouse in the chaos? I'd love to hear your tips!

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