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DIY Fall Decor- Personalized Pumpkin Patch Canvases

DIY Fall Decor- Personalized Pumpkin Patch Canvases

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Looking for new fall decor to fit your budget? I've got the perfect thing for you! Check out my DIY personalized pumpkin patch canvases that you can create in under an hour!


fall decor 1.jpg

Finding decor for your home can be challenging, especially on a budget. It’s really hard to find classy, rustic looking decor at an affordable price. I know in my personal experience, if I go with what my budget allows, it’s cheap-looking and usually doesn’t look like anything I was imagining.

fall decor 2.jpg

I used to be SO afraid of doing DIY crafts. What if I mess up and I waste all of this money? What if it looks like a four year old did it? There’s no way I could display that proudly in my home and say that I did it. But, I soon got over that fear and now I LOVE doing DIY crafts and decor! Once my husband and I started budgeting, I really had no other choice than to start making my own decor if I wanted to actually stay in budget. Then again, antique stores are my new obsession too 😃

That’s why these canvases are perfect for decorating my home on a budget! We literally spent an hour on these and then they went on the wall. Super easy peasy to make. You only need a few things and you’re set to go!

fall decor.jpg
fall decor.png



  • Blank white canvases - The two small canvases we made were size 12x12, and the big one was size 12x24.
  • Orange and brown acrylic paint - or any kind of paint that would work well on a canvas. Make it your own! We used a sparkly orange color for our pumpkins.
  • Paint brushes
  • Charcoal pencil and eraser - for tracing the pumpkin and drafting your letters (if you choose to free-hand)
  • Black sharpies - This is to trace over the pumpkin and letters once it is drafted with the charcoal pencil.
  • Flat pumpkin outline to trace (like the one in the picture above - it's a decoration from Hobby Lobby) - if you don’t have anything pumpkin shaped to use, search for pumpkin photos on a search engine, print and cut it out, and trace it on your canvas.


  • Stencils - we chose to free-hand ours and use letter stickers, but do what you feel comfortable with!
  • Letter stickers - these are similar to what we used!
  • Hairdryer - this is to dry it off quickly so you don't have to wait around for your paint to dry to start the next part of the project!

How to do it:

  • First, we traced our pumpkins on the canvases, then we wrote our phrases (or put the stickers on). Make sure to center the pumpkin on the canvas! Also, be aware that the charcoal pencils don't erase easily, so draw VERY lightly (learn from my experience!).
  • Then we traced over the outlines with a sharpie to make them brighter and pop out.
  • Then we painted our pumpkins and the arrow on the big canvas. Be sure to not put too much paint on your brush, or it will run.


That's it! Super easy right? I hope you have fun making these adorable canvases! Be sure to post your finished project on Instagram and tag me (@waysoftheweavers) so I can see how it turned out!

What's your favorite fall craft you've tried?


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